Tips for Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

  1. Buy the right fabric– The process of your upholstery care starts from the moment you buy it. Buy fabrics that match your lifestyle. Buy synthetic fabrics, which are easy to clean if you have pets or kids, and avoid woven or textured material in this scenario.
  2. Use fabric protection– Fabric protection offers defense to a certain level from your spills, it can be stain-proof if you clean away your spills immediately, and prevent the spill from being absorbed into the fabric of your furniture.
  3. Rotate your seat cushions – If your furniture has lose cushions, keeps rotating them periodically to prevent them from wearing out. Rotating the cushion also allows you to protect them against indentations. For the times when you find the cushions a little flat, open the cushions and add additional padding.
  4. Regularly cleaning should be done– Cleaning regularly will remove the dust and dirt on the surface of the furniture, which will stop this dirt and dust from being embedded into the fibers of the fabric.
  5. Remove odors– Upholstery can absorb smell, and you would have observed this over time especially if you live in a house with pets. Remove the smell by sprinkling bicarbonate soda and leave it overnight and vacuum it the next morning. This treatment is harm-free and will also keep the fabric fresh.
  6. Clean up spills– Clean the spills immediately by using a dry cloth or paper towel. Do not try and remove the spills by scrubbing, instead blot the spill out in outward to inward motion. Try cleaning the spill with water first. If water does not work, try using vinegar solution, before using a strong detergent.
  7. Professional cleaning– Get professional cleaning done on an annual basis. Book a cleaning session from a well-known upholstery dry cleaner, or use a household steam cleaner by hiring it from a super market. Be sure to get the cleaning done yearly or depending on the usage. Do not procrastinate this, as the longer it stays dirty, the harder it gets to clean.
  8. Keep away from direct sunlight– Direct sunlight on the leather upholstery will cause the color of the fabric to fade. To avoid this move your furniture away from the windows or places where there is direct sunlight. If you cannot move the furniture, try and keep the blinds closed or close the windows, to filter the light entering.
  9. Set rules– Treating your furniture right is one of the most important steps for clean upholstered furniture. Keep pets of the furniture and give them a designated spot for sitting. Do not eat or let kids eat on furniture as that is the number one reason for spills. Avoid stamping on the furniture with dirty feet.