Carpet Cleaning Methods Comparison

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Carpets require cleaning often enough to keep them nice and fresh, but the methods used largely depend on the company you’re working with. You can do a fair amount of cleaning yourself, however in many cases professional cleaning is a must. This is especially important when it comes to high traffic areas that see a lot more wear and tear than usual. Other things must also be taken into account, such as the materials of the carpet, as well as the amount of staining you have to deal with.

The following article aims to give you some insight into what ways are used to clean carpets commercially with a decent explanation of how it works. We begin with the first on our list: carpet cleaning methods_1* Using Shampoo This is the most commonly used method of all, almost always associated with carpet cleaning. It is by far one of the easiest methods used, however hardly the most effective one. The way this method works is by using a special cleaner that becomes embedded and worked into the carpet’s fibers using a machine.

A powerful vacuum cleaner is then used to remove its remains, bringing a fresh scent and a clean carpet afterward. One of the drawbacks of this cleaning method is the possible moisture left after the treatment. * Dry Cleaning This is another method used with carpets, which relies on covering them with a compound with high levels of absorbency.

This powder has detergents and solvents present in it, working their way into the dirt collected by the carpet. After they are applied, they are collected with a vacuum cleaner in a similar fashion as per the shampoo method. It is possible for trace amounts of the chemicals used to remain in the carpet with this method if the job is not done thoroughly. carpet cleaning methods_2* Using Foam This a hybrid method between shampoo and dry cleaning, allowing the use of a foam to clean any possible spots on a carpet. The foam works by lifting the dirt from the fibers of the carpet and letting them adhere to it during the cleaning process.

Once it has been safely worked into the carpet, it is lifted with a vacuum cleaner as well, leaving a clean carpet behind. * Steam Cleaning This is another useful method of cleaning, offering a more chemical-free way of dealing with the issue. It is essentially the act of spraying hot water on the carpet, then extracting it immediately for the best possible results.

The high temperatures and hot water dissolve the dirt and allow it to detach from the fibers. Keep in mind that the water is never hot enough to boil, so therefore steam cleaning is a misnomer. carpet cleaning methods_3* Bonnet Cleaning A typically commercial method of cleaning involving the use of a powerful machine with a rotary bonnet. It is used alongside a powerful cleaning agent which helps lubricate the abrasiveness of the bonnet. It is a cleaning method with high effectiveness, but also has a possible drawback if the cleaning agent is not removed completely, as traces of it remain in the carpet in such cases.