Upholstery Cleaning

The problem:


There’s no worse feeling than having an expensive piece of furniture ruined by you spilling something on it. Eating your dinner on the couch while watching television, or maybe you are just having a snack and you accidentally miss your mouth, something falls off your plate and lands smack in the middle of your couch. You try and clean it up but you know the damage is already done. This might happen many times, each time making that couch a little bit dirtier. It’s not just food that ends up dirtying your couch though if you have kids or pets they can do a lot of damage too. I guess its understandable as to why you see people with full plastic covers over their couches on television shows. It makes sense. Practically though, and comfort wise nobody really wants to do that.

A dirty and old couch can present a bunch of different health risks to you and your family, getting it cleaned properly can lessen any risk of airborne allergies and also just really freshen up the room. It may not seem worth it, but it really is. Have you ever been to somebodies house when they have had a particularly dirty couch? It can feel really uncomfortable, you don’t really want to sit down because who knows what that particular stain is? Don’t let this happen to you, get on top of your house maintenance and get your couch professionally cleaned!

The Solution:

A dirty couch doesn’t need to be a problem for anyone, cleaning it yourself is definitely an option. The process itself is not incredibly difficult but it does require a set of tools that you may not have access to. You can buy a carpet cleaning product from your supermarket that will have all the instructions on it as to what you should do and it will do an adequate job for the most part. If you want your couches to come up brand new then you will have to be a bit more thorough.

If you were to hire a professional team to do your upholstery cleaning you can guarantee that you will have the best service possible done for you. The method they will usually use is to do a thorough pre-vacuum of the surface to remove any dry soils and debris, they then apply the dry-cleaning solutions to break down grease, soils and body oils. This helps to loosen up all the dirt and soils on the surface so when they use the hot water extraction clean it fully removes all stains and soiling.

Getting your upholstery cleaned doesn’t have to be a big deal, its not that expensive to do either and its always worth it in our opinion.