Carpet steam cleaning

We all do our best to maintain our house, our benchtops, floors, walls and everything else about our house. One of the hardest things to maintain in any household is the carpets. They receive such a great deal of traffic and of course with that traffic comes dirt and mess. Accidents also happen and unfortunately there comes a time when even though we are trying our absolute best to keep everything clean, we may need some outside help. Sometimes regular vacuum cleaning and spot cleaning just is not enough to keep that carpet in pristine condition. I get my carpets steam cleaned once a year usually, it really helps make sure your carpets are in tip-top shape.


In preparation for your carpets being steam cleaned you should make sure you vacuum your carpet and get rid of any loose dirt that you can. The more dirt and mess you get rid of at this stage of the cleaning will really help you later on with the steam cleaning. If you have any stains on your carpet it can be worth it to treat them with a carpet stain remover, once you have finished treating the stains you should vacuum again. Your carpet should now be ready for steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning the carpet

Now its time to take the steam cleaner for a spin. Generally, you should now fill the steam cleaner with lukewarm water, carpet detergent and some anti-foam. The best practice is for you to start in the corner of the room furthest away from the door. You want to pull the steam cleaner towards you in straight lines, work your way back towards the door. Once you have done the entire floor it is recommended that you give the carpet a few hours to dry before you walk or put any furniture back on it.

How steam cleaning works

Steam cleaning works by injecting hot water into your carpet under high pressure and then it extracts the water out again. The idea is that once the water is extracted the dirt and soiling will be extracted with the water. The pre-treating of stains is a very important step of the whole process, there should also be a pre-spray applied which will allow the water to penetrate deeply into the carpet before extraction.

I choose to get my carpets steam cleaned by a professional, it ends up a bit cheaper for me vs the cost of hiring a steam cleaner and buying all the products. Steam cleaning your carpets at least once a year comes highly recommended by me!