How curtains help with insulation

Most people have curtains on their windows, however a standard set of curtains, while providing privacy and light control, does almost nothing for your house in terms of insulation. Keeping your house warm during winter and cool during summer is an important thing! It can be a challenge and the right curtains can really help. Curtains such as Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds, Plantation shutters and vertical blinds are not very effective at providing insulation.

Best ways to insulate

There are some key requirements when it comes to preventing the loss or gain of heat through a set of curtains. Firstly, the material covering the window area needs to be an insulator, it needs to be able to restrict heat transfer through it. This is the idea that is always employed when it comes to wall or roof insulation as well! Additionally, the curtain needs to prevent any heat being lost through air movement around the curtain which is generally caused by convection. This means you cannot have any curtain or blind that has gaps around the edges because it will result in the air between the window and the curtain which will cool down, and escape out the bottom of the gap and set up a convection current. Also it’s important to insulate your roof and walls to get the best results. a good roofing contractor can help and advise you on the best products to use.

To prevent this you need at a minimum of three sides of the curtain to be close fitted with very minimal gaps for air flow to occur. If you do not achieve this almost all of the benefits of an insulating curtain will be useless. Something you should do if you are trying to insulate your house further via this method is test for drafts around your curtains, you can use something that produces any smoke like say an incense stick to see if there is any airflow around the curtains and see if any drafts exist.

The curtains:

The curtains themselves that we need will need to have 3 layers to it

  1. Rubber-backed curtain lining
  2. Liner – usually bumph
  3. The face fabric

With a blind made up of these three aspects and using the right amount of material to make sure that there is little to no drafts you should easily be able to greatly increase the insulation for your house. Keeping your house warm in the winter / cool in the summer is a godsend and can even help with your electricity bills. I would definitely recommend doing this great idea. Also, there are other methods you can use to help insulate your window areas as well including things like getting your windows double glazed.

Landscaping to provide shade

Trees are a very useful and valuable asset to any house as they can be strategically positioned to provide shade and shelter depending on the requirement. A well place tree can block the afternoon sun from an exterior wall and reduce the need for air conditioning. Also they can add to the value and looks to make areas more pleasing to be in. Hedges and shrubs on boundaries will provide privacy and protection from wins and create barriers to keep pets secure. On the other hand, tree that are incorrectly place can cause unwanted issues, like the blocking of gutters and down pipes. It’s a good idea to get some tree lopping done to make sure that your trees and not having a negative effect of your property.