Tips for Cleaning you Carpet

1. Dissipate the dirt– Dirt makes your carpet lose its sheen. When you walk across the carpet, you rub the dirt to the carpet fur, and when vacuumed, the dirt stuck to the carpet fur pulls away the color of the carpet. For this it is recommended that you vacuum often, focusing on the areas where there is high usage, at least twice a week. Remember to vacuum at the right speed. Vacuum slowly enough to get the dirt out of the carpet, without causing much damage to the carpet. To avoid gathering of dirt on your carpet, use walk-off mats outside your door for anyone entering to clean off the dirt. Use water-absorbing mats inside to prevent wet shoes on the carpet.

2. Get professional cleaning Professional carpet cleaning helps you remove dirt and dust that has been gathered in the deeper parts of the carpet. A vacuum cleaner will not help you clean this dirt. Hire a professional cleaning service at least once in six-ten months. The price of these services might make you go with just vacuuming the carpet. But a deep cleaning is required to remove the allergens, dust and greasy residues in the carpet. There are several DIY routines available on the internet to help you with this, you can use those DIYs and hire a professional cleaner every 12-18 months. When hiring a professional cleaner, beware of choosing the right professional. Do not opt for “discount” carpet cleaners if you want the best. For times when a professional cleaning service is too expensive, DIY the cleaning process. Rent or buy a steam cleaning machine and fill it with detergent water and clean your carpet with it.

3. Clean stains immediately– If there is a stain, act quickly and remove the stain. It is much more easier to remove the stain when it is fresh. Don’t let the stain stay for too long as the longer it reacts chemically with the carpet, the harder it is to remove. Most of the stains can be removed using water. Try water first before using any other material. To remove a stain, press a dry cloth against the stain to absorb the spill and then gently clean the spill with water. To remove a stain, do not scrub the carpet, as scrubbing will damage the fibers of the carpet and create a fuzzy spot. Always blot the spill from its outer edge, towards the center and avoid making the stain spread. Try vinegar or club soda on tough stains, if water does not work. Use vinegar solution before using a stronger cleaning product. The more gentle you treat your carpet, the longer its shine and color lasts.

Upgrade the look of your home with new or freshly steam cleaned carpets. Also a fresh coat of paint can lift the look of any room. Many painting companies have experienced interior decorators who will pick the best colours to match your carpets. We recommend these guys as they have years of experience adding value and lifting the style of older decor and also reduce the need to replace older carpets.