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Carpet Cleaning Methods Comparison

Image result for Carpet Cleaning Methods Comparison

Carpets require cleaning often enough to keep them nice and fresh, but the methods used largely depend on the company you’re working with. You can do a fair amount of cleaning yourself, however in many cases professional cleaning is a must. This is especially important when it comes to high traffic areas that see a lot more wear and tear than usual. Other things must also be taken into account, such as the materials of the carpet, as well as the amount of staining you have to deal with.

The following article aims to give you some insight into what ways are used to clean carpets commercially with a decent explanation of how it works. We begin with the first on our list: carpet cleaning methods_1* Using Shampoo This is the most commonly used method of all, almost always associated with carpet cleaning. It is by far one of the easiest methods used, however hardly the most effective one. The way this method works is by using a special cleaner that becomes embedded and worked into the carpet’s fibers using a machine.

A powerful vacuum cleaner is then used to remove its remains, bringing a fresh scent and a clean carpet afterward. One of the drawbacks of this cleaning method is the possible moisture left after the treatment. * Dry Cleaning This is another method used with carpets, which relies on covering them with a compound with high levels of absorbency.

This powder has detergents and solvents present in it, working their way into the dirt collected by the carpet. After they are applied, they are collected with a vacuum cleaner in a similar fashion as per the shampoo method. It is possible for trace amounts of the chemicals used to remain in the carpet with this method if the job is not done thoroughly. carpet cleaning methods_2* Using Foam This a hybrid method between shampoo and dry cleaning, allowing the use of a foam to clean any possible spots on a carpet. The foam works by lifting the dirt from the fibers of the carpet and letting them adhere to it during the cleaning process.

Once it has been safely worked into the carpet, it is lifted with a vacuum cleaner as well, leaving a clean carpet behind. * Steam Cleaning This is another useful method of cleaning, offering a more chemical-free way of dealing with the issue. It is essentially the act of spraying hot water on the carpet, then extracting it immediately for the best possible results.

The high temperatures and hot water dissolve the dirt and allow it to detach from the fibers. Keep in mind that the water is never hot enough to boil, so therefore steam cleaning is a misnomer. carpet cleaning methods_3* Bonnet Cleaning A typically commercial method of cleaning involving the use of a powerful machine with a rotary bonnet. It is used alongside a powerful cleaning agent which helps lubricate the abrasiveness of the bonnet. It is a cleaning method with high effectiveness, but also has a possible drawback if the cleaning agent is not removed completely, as traces of it remain in the carpet in such cases.

Decorating a living room has challenges

If you’re tired of your living room and would like to give it a fresh new look without spending a fortune, consider how often you use that room. Houses these days often have a family room or great room which combines the kitchen, eating area and entertainment. The living room is barely used.

You could change the room’s purpose to something else, a library or game room, for example. However, many people prefer to have a “special occasion” room for entertaining. Since it doesn’t get used too much, it’s not necessary to get top-of-the-line furniture.

Cheap sofas are difficult to tell from expensive sofas from the exterior. Both look pretty much the same when new. The construction, padding, stuffing and underlying support structure in a cheap sofa won’t last nearly as long as an expensive sofa, but that’s okay since it won’t get used nearly as much.

Image result for Decorating a living room has challenges

Whether expensive or cheap, vacuum the sofa on a weekly basis to remove dust, crumbs and debris which can rub against the fabric and cause it to wear faster. If the pillows are double sided and most are, flip them once a week so they wear evenly as well.

Sofas, couches, come in various sizes from a loveseat which seats barely two people to huge wrap around sectionals which take up an entire room. If you get the sectional you don’t need to do too much else except place a few end tables around for snacks.

Two loveseats offer more flexibility than a traditional seven foot sofa. Place the loveseats facing each other with a coffee table in between or at right angles to each other.

Create two conversation areas, each with a love seat and one or two smaller chairs. Benches work well as both seating in the living room and as extra seating for the dining table.

You might think you have to match the furniture so it’s all the same style, but think again. A formal living room gets a bit of pizzazz when you throw in something unexpected, such as a modern sofa or a country-style print sofa.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing your seating is to keep the size consistent. It looks odd to have dinky little chairs next to a large seven foot leather sofa. And vice versa, an oversized and stuffed lounge chair overwhelms a small love seat.

In any room, leave three feet between pieces of furniture so there’s room to navigate. Create a definite path so people know how to get from one end of the room to the other, instead of feeling like they have to run an obstacle course.

5 Weird Natural Cleaning Products

We’ve already viewed the great power of vodka as cleaning product. Have you tried it? If you thought that cleaning with vodka was weird, just wait for this one. Ketchup, mayonnaise and bread – forget their taste qualities, today we are going to look at them from a slightly different perspective. You will find a list of cleaning products you probably have around the house or in the refrigerator. In the end you will be surprised you had such an extraordinary cleaning collection.


You’ve just made yourself a cup of tea but someone interrupted before you were able to drink it. Now the tea is cold. Once knowing its taste while hot, you can make the difference when it is not. But don’t hurry to waste it! You can clean your wooden furnitures or floors with it. Black tea contains tannins which brings out the true colour in wood. The stronger the tea, the better effect it has. Also, tea is also good for rust removing. Soak the object in cold tea for an hour and then just wipe it.


To waste bread is marked as a sin, but we are far from wasting it without a good reason. Try to think of the bread as a sponge. Its high-proof absorption abilities make it the natural equivalent of synthetic sponges. Bread can be used for cleaning marks off the walls, dusting, soaking spills and wiping where nothing else is available. Just tear off the crusts, knead a slice of bread into a ball and wipe on the area that needs cleaning.

Surprisingly, its use is not only limited for sandwiches and salads. Mayonnaise is quite greasy, so don’t overuse it. Using a little bit, you can clean and polish wooden surfaces. Also, you can get rid of the spills and food stains off your floor. Yet, do not let it sit for too long. Even certain types of glue don’t have a chance against the mighty mayonnaise. Since it is primarily made of oil, it moistures the glue, letting you remove it with no pain at all.

Image result for 5 Weird Natural Cleaning Products

Ketchup is great for polishing up anything made of brass or copper. There isn’t anything special that needs to be added to the ketchup before you start using it for cleaning purposes. Apply some ketchup sauce on the top of the object and leave it for a few minutes. Using a clean damp cloth rub in a circular motion on the areas you want to clean.


People do not realize how good abrasive can toothpaste be. It cleans our teeth so well, because of the small abrasive particles in it. Their presence in toothpaste will help you clean everything from shoes made of leather to piano keys. You can use it to remove carpet stains or fix badly scratched compact discs. Your bathroom mirror is fogged and you don’t have anything to defog it? Try with toothpaste.

We imagine that your first thoughts after reading this were to have a cup of tea and a sandwich. Now, you know what to do with the leftovers. Oh, and don’t forget to brush your teeth after that.

What is Carpet Wear?

You hear a lot about red wine carpet stains or other food and liquid stains on carpet. Waukesha Carpet Cleaning Blog has focused a lot on pet urine stain removal and how harmful pet urine can be for carpet. In the world of Waukesha Carpet Cleaning, those are the flashier forms of dirty carpet. The highlight reel of carpet stains, if you will.

But, food, liquid and urine stains aren’t the most common form of carpet stain or the most harmful. Basic carpet wear is the most common form of dirty carpet and can be the most harmful too.

What is basic carpet wear?

Carpet wear is the gradual process of carpet fibers, carpet pads and carpet backings breaking down and deteriorating over time due to soil deposits and buildup within the carpet.

Carpet wear is visible in the form of matted carpet that tends to appear dirtym discolored and darker than the surrounding carpet areas.

Image result for What is Carpet Wear

Carpet wear is most common in heavier traffic areas such as hallways or the entryway from one room to another. It’s very common to see carpet wear in areas where the flooring changes from hardwood or tile to carpet and is probably most evident from the kitchen to a carpeted living room or dining room.

Shuffling feet or areas where abrupt turns in traffic are often subject to carpet wear too. This is common in rooms where you need to immediately turn once entering to perhaps avoid a piece of furniture or wall. The shuffling and turning puts additional stress on the carpet.

The process of carpet wear occurs from soil deposits and dirt reaching your carpet. All carpet is subject to soil deposits and dirt. It is impossible to avoid. The most common source of dirt and soil is the bottom of your feet or from a pet in your home.

Once the soil is on the surface of your carpet, the foot traffic then presses the soil deeper into the carpet fibers and the carpet pad. It is a grinding motion that wears on the fibers and the appearance of the carpet.

Every time you step or shuffle on your carpet, you are further pushing the soil deeper into the carpet and grinding it into the fiber.

Carpet wear is inevitable, but it can be drastically slowed down with proper care and routine professional Waukesha carpet cleaning.

To slow down the process of carpet wear, be sure to vacuum your carpet multiple times throughout the week. If your schedule permits, it is recommended that you vacuum heavier traffic areas once a day, especially in homes with pets or children.

You can also slow down carpet wear by requiring that your family and guests do not wear shoes in your home. Outdoor contaminants on the bottom of shoes are one of the most common forms of soil deposits found in carpet.

You can also rearrange furniture on a regular basis to change the traffic pattern of a carpeted room and consider placing rugs at the entryways of rooms or in front of furniture. Rugs are much easier to replace than carpet should the rug start to see the effects of wear.

Carpet Cleaning Waukesha

Outside of vacuuming and rearranging furniture, regular professional carpet cleaning is extremely important to slow down the process of carpet wear.

Professional carpet cleaning, or deep cleaning carpet, is important because it removes the soil deposits and dirt that are deeply embedded within the carpet fibers and pad unseen to the human eye and inaccessible to basic home vacuum cleaners.

Champion Chem-Dry uses drier, cleaner and healthier methods to remove soil deposits and slow down carpet wear. The Hot Carbonated Extraction system (HCE) is recognized by The Carpet & Rug Institute with their seal approval and the primary cleaning solution, The Natural®, is green-certified and can be found on the FDA GRAS list.

Image result for Carpet Cleaning Waukesha

Scheduling a carpet cleaning appointment with Champion Chem-Dry once every 12 months will go a long way toward maintaining the initial quality of your carpet and slowing harmful carpet wear.

Upholstery Cleaning

The problem:


There’s no worse feeling than having an expensive piece of furniture ruined by you spilling something on it. Eating your dinner on the couch while watching television, or maybe you are just having a snack and you accidentally miss your mouth, something falls off your plate and lands smack in the middle of your couch. You try and clean it up but you know the damage is already done. This might happen many times, each time making that couch a little bit dirtier. It’s not just food that ends up dirtying your couch though if you have kids or pets they can do a lot of damage too. I guess its understandable as to why you see people with full plastic covers over their couches on television shows. It makes sense. Practically though, and comfort wise nobody really wants to do that.

A dirty and old couch can present a bunch of different health risks to you and your family, getting it cleaned properly can lessen any risk of airborne allergies and also just really freshen up the room. It may not seem worth it, but it really is. Have you ever been to somebodies house when they have had a particularly dirty couch? It can feel really uncomfortable, you don’t really want to sit down because who knows what that particular stain is? Don’t let this happen to you, get on top of your house maintenance and get your couch professionally cleaned!

The Solution:

A dirty couch doesn’t need to be a problem for anyone, cleaning it yourself is definitely an option. The process itself is not incredibly difficult but it does require a set of tools that you may not have access to. You can buy a carpet cleaning product from your supermarket that will have all the instructions on it as to what you should do and it will do an adequate job for the most part. If you want your couches to come up brand new then you will have to be a bit more thorough.

If you were to hire a professional team to do your upholstery cleaning you can guarantee that you will have the best service possible done for you. The method they will usually use is to do a thorough pre-vacuum of the surface to remove any dry soils and debris, they then apply the dry-cleaning solutions to break down grease, soils and body oils. This helps to loosen up all the dirt and soils on the surface so when they use the hot water extraction clean it fully removes all stains and soiling.

Getting your upholstery cleaned doesn’t have to be a big deal, its not that expensive to do either and its always worth it in our opinion.

Carpet steam cleaning

We all do our best to maintain our house, our benchtops, floors, walls and everything else about our house. One of the hardest things to maintain in any household is the carpets. They receive such a great deal of traffic and of course with that traffic comes dirt and mess. Accidents also happen and unfortunately there comes a time when even though we are trying our absolute best to keep everything clean, we may need some outside help. Sometimes regular vacuum cleaning and spot cleaning just is not enough to keep that carpet in pristine condition. I get my carpets steam cleaned once a year usually, it really helps make sure your carpets are in tip-top shape.


In preparation for your carpets being steam cleaned you should make sure you vacuum your carpet and get rid of any loose dirt that you can. The more dirt and mess you get rid of at this stage of the cleaning will really help you later on with the steam cleaning. If you have any stains on your carpet it can be worth it to treat them with a carpet stain remover, once you have finished treating the stains you should vacuum again. Your carpet should now be ready for steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning the carpet

Now its time to take the steam cleaner for a spin. Generally, you should now fill the steam cleaner with lukewarm water, carpet detergent and some anti-foam. The best practice is for you to start in the corner of the room furthest away from the door. You want to pull the steam cleaner towards you in straight lines, work your way back towards the door. Once you have done the entire floor it is recommended that you give the carpet a few hours to dry before you walk or put any furniture back on it.

How steam cleaning works

Steam cleaning works by injecting hot water into your carpet under high pressure and then it extracts the water out again. The idea is that once the water is extracted the dirt and soiling will be extracted with the water. The pre-treating of stains is a very important step of the whole process, there should also be a pre-spray applied which will allow the water to penetrate deeply into the carpet before extraction.

I choose to get my carpets steam cleaned by a professional, it ends up a bit cheaper for me vs the cost of hiring a steam cleaner and buying all the products. Steam cleaning your carpets at least once a year comes highly recommended by me!

How curtains help with insulation

Most people have curtains on their windows, however a standard set of curtains, while providing privacy and light control, does almost nothing for your house in terms of insulation. Keeping your house warm during winter and cool during summer is an important thing! It can be a challenge and the right curtains can really help. Curtains such as Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds, Plantation shutters and vertical blinds are not very effective at providing insulation.

Best ways to insulate

There are some key requirements when it comes to preventing the loss or gain of heat through a set of curtains. Firstly, the material covering the window area needs to be an insulator, it needs to be able to restrict heat transfer through it. This is the idea that is always employed when it comes to wall or roof insulation as well! Additionally, the curtain needs to prevent any heat being lost through air movement around the curtain which is generally caused by convection. This means you cannot have any curtain or blind that has gaps around the edges because it will result in the air between the window and the curtain which will cool down, and escape out the bottom of the gap and set up a convection current. Also it’s important to insulate your roof and walls to get the best results. a good roofing contractor can help and advise you on the best products to use.

To prevent this you need at a minimum of three sides of the curtain to be close fitted with very minimal gaps for air flow to occur. If you do not achieve this almost all of the benefits of an insulating curtain will be useless. Something you should do if you are trying to insulate your house further via this method is test for drafts around your curtains, you can use something that produces any smoke like say an incense stick to see if there is any airflow around the curtains and see if any drafts exist.

The curtains:

The curtains themselves that we need will need to have 3 layers to it

  1. Rubber-backed curtain lining
  2. Liner – usually bumph
  3. The face fabric

With a blind made up of these three aspects and using the right amount of material to make sure that there is little to no drafts you should easily be able to greatly increase the insulation for your house. Keeping your house warm in the winter / cool in the summer is a godsend and can even help with your electricity bills. I would definitely recommend doing this great idea. Also, there are other methods you can use to help insulate your window areas as well including things like getting your windows double glazed.

Landscaping to provide shade

Trees are a very useful and valuable asset to any house as they can be strategically positioned to provide shade and shelter depending on the requirement. A well place tree can block the afternoon sun from an exterior wall and reduce the need for air conditioning. Also they can add to the value and looks to make areas more pleasing to be in. Hedges and shrubs on boundaries will provide privacy and protection from wins and create barriers to keep pets secure. On the other hand, tree that are incorrectly place can cause unwanted issues, like the blocking of gutters and down pipes. It’s a good idea to get some tree lopping done to make sure that your trees and not having a negative effect of your property.




Tips for Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

  1. Buy the right fabric– The process of your upholstery care starts from the moment you buy it. Buy fabrics that match your lifestyle. Buy synthetic fabrics, which are easy to clean if you have pets or kids, and avoid woven or textured material in this scenario.
  2. Use fabric protection– Fabric protection offers defense to a certain level from your spills, it can be stain-proof if you clean away your spills immediately, and prevent the spill from being absorbed into the fabric of your furniture.
  3. Rotate your seat cushions – If your furniture has lose cushions, keeps rotating them periodically to prevent them from wearing out. Rotating the cushion also allows you to protect them against indentations. For the times when you find the cushions a little flat, open the cushions and add additional padding.
  4. Regularly cleaning should be done– Cleaning regularly will remove the dust and dirt on the surface of the furniture, which will stop this dirt and dust from being embedded into the fibers of the fabric.
  5. Remove odors– Upholstery can absorb smell, and you would have observed this over time especially if you live in a house with pets. Remove the smell by sprinkling bicarbonate soda and leave it overnight and vacuum it the next morning. This treatment is harm-free and will also keep the fabric fresh.
  6. Clean up spills– Clean the spills immediately by using a dry cloth or paper towel. Do not try and remove the spills by scrubbing, instead blot the spill out in outward to inward motion. Try cleaning the spill with water first. If water does not work, try using vinegar solution, before using a strong detergent.
  7. Professional cleaning– Get professional cleaning done on an annual basis. Book a cleaning session from a well-known upholstery dry cleaner, or use a household steam cleaner by hiring it from a super market. Be sure to get the cleaning done yearly or depending on the usage. Do not procrastinate this, as the longer it stays dirty, the harder it gets to clean.
  8. Keep away from direct sunlight– Direct sunlight on the leather upholstery will cause the color of the fabric to fade. To avoid this move your furniture away from the windows or places where there is direct sunlight. If you cannot move the furniture, try and keep the blinds closed or close the windows, to filter the light entering.
  9. Set rules– Treating your furniture right is one of the most important steps for clean upholstered furniture. Keep pets of the furniture and give them a designated spot for sitting. Do not eat or let kids eat on furniture as that is the number one reason for spills. Avoid stamping on the furniture with dirty feet.

Tips for Cleaning you Carpet

1. Dissipate the dirt– Dirt makes your carpet lose its sheen. When you walk across the carpet, you rub the dirt to the carpet fur, and when vacuumed, the dirt stuck to the carpet fur pulls away the color of the carpet. For this it is recommended that you vacuum often, focusing on the areas where there is high usage, at least twice a week. Remember to vacuum at the right speed. Vacuum slowly enough to get the dirt out of the carpet, without causing much damage to the carpet. To avoid gathering of dirt on your carpet, use walk-off mats outside your door for anyone entering to clean off the dirt. Use water-absorbing mats inside to prevent wet shoes on the carpet.

2. Get professional cleaning Professional carpet cleaning helps you remove dirt and dust that has been gathered in the deeper parts of the carpet. A vacuum cleaner will not help you clean this dirt. Hire a professional cleaning service at least once in six-ten months. The price of these services might make you go with just vacuuming the carpet. But a deep cleaning is required to remove the allergens, dust and greasy residues in the carpet. There are several DIY routines available on the internet to help you with this, you can use those DIYs and hire a professional cleaner every 12-18 months. When hiring a professional cleaner, beware of choosing the right professional. Do not opt for “discount” carpet cleaners if you want the best. For times when a professional cleaning service is too expensive, DIY the cleaning process. Rent or buy a steam cleaning machine and fill it with detergent water and clean your carpet with it.

3. Clean stains immediately– If there is a stain, act quickly and remove the stain. It is much more easier to remove the stain when it is fresh. Don’t let the stain stay for too long as the longer it reacts chemically with the carpet, the harder it is to remove. Most of the stains can be removed using water. Try water first before using any other material. To remove a stain, press a dry cloth against the stain to absorb the spill and then gently clean the spill with water. To remove a stain, do not scrub the carpet, as scrubbing will damage the fibers of the carpet and create a fuzzy spot. Always blot the spill from its outer edge, towards the center and avoid making the stain spread. Try vinegar or club soda on tough stains, if water does not work. Use vinegar solution before using a stronger cleaning product. The more gentle you treat your carpet, the longer its shine and color lasts.

Upgrade the look of your home with new or freshly steam cleaned carpets. Also a fresh coat of paint can lift the look of any room. Many painting companies have experienced interior decorators who will pick the best colours to match your carpets. We recommend these guys as they have years of experience adding value and lifting the style of older decor and also reduce the need to replace older carpets.